E-Z COAT®  is a mold releasing rubber compound for recovering releasing property of the package mold after cleaning with E-Z CLEAN® . 

E-Z COAT®  is an eco-friendly product that generates less fume as well as excellent releasability and persisitence.


Releasing force

Unience has a releasing force measuring device. We can compare and evaluate the performance of wax rubber.

At the request of the customer, we can provide releasing force data for each EMC.


Less fume

All of our E-Z COAT generated fume less than 10 sec.

also, the odor from E-Z COAT is not unpleasant and not strong.



E-Z Coat has better workability than competitive products. Even though Mold pressure is exteremly high,

E-Z Coat can maintain its own shape and not break sheet after curing.

in addition, E-Z coat can fill in small cavity easily. 

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Cost saving

   -No Leadframe


Time saving